About Us

NerdLacquer is what happens when you like science and sci-fi and history and literature...and also glitter. Handmade polish that's 5-free, cruelty-free, and inspired by everything from space to fantasy fiction to unsolved Millennium Prize math problems. WOO, DORK CITY. There's even a spin-off line -- ICONOCLASTS -- specifically designed to bust up the status quo, because you design them yourself!

BASIC SPECS : Regular NerdLacquers and Iconoclasts are the standard .5oz / 15ml, in a nice hefty round bottle with a white cap and a great flat brush. NerdLacquer colors in current production (i.e. not on sale) are also available in mini quads, an adorable set of four adorable 5ml bottles in an adorable little glossy turquoise box. 

IMAGES : All NerdLacquer and Iconoclast shades are photographed as two coats, plus a coat of Glassy AF (the official NerdLacquer bulking 'n' smoothing top coat), plus a coat of Seche Vite or Sally Hansen Insta-Dri. Some shades and top coats may also be pictured as one coat over black or another solid cream color to show off their sparkles.

TURNAROUND TIME : Orders are usually processed same day or next day, and almost always go out in the mail within one or two business days. If something is unexpectedly out of stock, you'll be contacted!

SHIPPING : Most orders are shipped via regular USPS; larger orders (7 bottles or more, or the equivalent weight in other products) ship via Priority Mail. Either way, if you're in the continental US, your order should arrive within two to five days after shipping. 

GIFTS : ALAS, the shopping cart system doesn't currently support gift certificates. But! If you'd like to give the gift of [self-selected] NerdLacquer, we can make it work! Just email the desired amount to info@nerdlacquer.com -- you'll receive a PayPal invoice, and you'll get a one-time coupon code for that amount, created just for you! Also included : a cute "gift card" graphic with your coupon code, suitable for printing or emailing to your recipient. If you'd like to simply order a few shades for your recipient and go through the usual checkout process, that works as well! Just note in the comments at checkout that the order is a gift, and no invoice will be included in the box. 

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS : A few destinations are already set up within the system, but if you live in a country not listed and would like to place an order, just email your shopping list to info@nerdlacquer.com! Shipping to most international destinations IS available, but the limitations of the shopping cart system means that it's almost impossible to charge a reasonable amount for shipping. The best solution is to email your order, and you'll receive a reply with an exact shipping quote! If you choose to proceed, you'll get a PayPal invoice via email -- easy peasy! Well, not as easy as direct checkout, but better than being overcharged for shipping! And, for a quick and dirty estimate, for most destinations in Europe and the Far East, orders of 5 bottles or fewer (under one pound) ship for appx $12-13; orders of 5-10 bottles or so (under two pounds) ship for about $22. 

WHOLESALE : Got a brick and mortar store that needs a dose of NerdLacquer? Wholesale pricing is available! 20 bottle minimum per order, with at least three bottles of each shade. Contact info@nerdlacquer.com for more information!

OTHER QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS? Just email info@nerdlacquer.com