The Cat Will Knock This Over At 3AM
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The Cat Will Knock This Over At 3AM

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THE CAT WILL KNOCK THIS OVER AT 3AM is an ode to an unplugged Christmas tree in a dark room. Still obviously green, still with a faint sparkle of lights and shiny ornaments, and still a prime target for your most irritating house pet to ... investigate. Will coordinate wonderfully with your fall/winter wardrobe; will not make a horrifying crash in the middle of the night and cover your rug with broken glass. 

HEY now you can pick your label for every bottle! There's the current/default silver chrome NerdLacquer label, the new pale aqua Retro label (with a sprinkling of silver glitter!), or the silver chrome Iconoclast labels, because not everyone identifies as a Nerd, right? Or, for a nominal fee, get a totally custom label that says whatever you want! Custom labels will be the same format and typography as the current/default style : silver chrome with transparent letters that allow your polish color to peek through. Just select "CUSTOM" in the dropdown, and let me know in the comments at checkout what you'd like it to say! (Keep it under 20 characters or it won't fit!) Note that a few "special" trios come with different fancy labels, like the Myst series, the Vintage SciFi trio, and the Potterverse trio.