Take A Look, It's In A Book!
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Take A Look, It's In A Book!

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Take A Look, It's In A Book! ROYGBIV! LGBTQIA! Peace, love, support, and bookworm-nerdery are all represented here ... with a big dose of glow-in-the-dark yellow-green fabulousness for extra punch. Chock full of square glitters in rainbow hues (and a sprinkling of smaller ones to help fill in the gaps) it's allllmost fully opaque at two coats with the usual blorp-and-dab technique, or just paint one coat over your favorite base shade! <3 

P.S. Hardcore nerds also know that there's a reference to this in Kingdom of Loathing. Because of course there is. You won't find this polish in the Haunted Library, tho. And if you did, it'd be all black and white.