Smuggler & Gambler
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Smuggler & Gambler

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It's everyone's favorite space scoundrels (who're really pretty good guys after all)! SMUGGLER keeps it on the down-low with a neutral warm tan base, but adds a cargo-hold's-worth of wet-look silver-white shimmer; GAMBLER is pure flash, with a violet jelly base loaded with blue, lavender, royal, and gold shimmer and glitter, plus black shreds and black diamonds (yeah, I know diamonds aren't a Sabacc suit). PLUS, SMUGGLER can be ... spiced up (har har) with another shimmer or microglitter if you like! Maybe a reference to a hyperspace jump (blue), or a favorite jacket (IT'S NEW, OKAY?) (black), or Corellian Bloodstripes (red)? It'll ship in its native neutral form unless you specify otherwise in the box!

(Smuggler shown above with blue, black, and red added)

LIMITED EDITION, so don't take 12 parsecs -- which is not a unit of time but makes sense vis-a-vis velocity versus gravity wells! -- to get 'em!