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OI, MATE. Has your nail polish gotten all thick and narsty? Sid Viscous can get it back to proper. It's not any kind of special anarchic chemical blend, just regular old establishment nail polish thinner -- ethyl acetate, n-butyl acetate. BUT, it does come in a fun bottle with (this is the important part) a built-in eyedropper in the cap! No more of that bollocks of trying to precisely pour into a tiny bottle opening from a stupid drippy squeeze-top! No more dripping and spattering thinner all over your hands/desk/counter/bed linens!

Add just a few drops at a time to your wonky finger paints, shake well, and check the consistency before adding more. Works just as you'd expect in most "normal" polishes, but for anything outside the norm (like faux gels etc), might want to check the manufacturer's website first to see if there's a designated thinner, and if it contains different ingredients. For instance, Sid does great in Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat, BUT Seche Vite makes their own thinner which contains butyl acetate, toluene, and isopropyl, so using a thinner other than their own Seche Restore might alter its performance.