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Why have a boring magnetic palette when you can have a fabulous SHADOW BOXER instead? THEY'RE SUPER TUFF, and built to be a little more durable (versus makeup, stains, dirt, and damp bathroom counters) than the norm. Hand-embellished by yours truly, in two different types : traditional cardboard with magnetic bottom surface and closure, or brushed metal with magnetic insert and tension closure. Both hold nine standard eyeshadow pans, or a smaller number of blush/highlighter/etc pans.  

Cardboard Shadow Boxers are upholstered in fun fabrics and sealed with either clear acrylic or Mod Podge (or  both), and have a coordinating "headliner" on the underside of the lid. Exterior is 4" square, interior magnetic area is 3 1/8" square

Metal Shadow Boxers are embellished with ... well, all kinds of things. They have a thin layer of foam in the bottom (to minimize the chance of eyeshadows shattering if you drop it) topped with a fancified magnetic surface, plus a coordinating headliner in the lid. Exterior is 3 3/4" square, interior magnetic area is 3 1/2" square. 

HOW TO ORDER : Check out the photos below, and just note your selection in text box above! If you're going with one of the nail-polish-based designs, be sure to note your color choice(s) as well. If I've got your chosen design in stock, it'll ship right away. If I have to make it, it'll ship in about 3 days. I'll let you know via email if your order will take longer for any reason!  



Royal Blue Sequin : faux "sequin" fabric with complementary glittery lacquered top coat.

Paisley Satin : upholstery satin in shades of gold, taupe, and teal. Scotch-guarded and with a misting of clear sealant for protection.

Pink Floral Satin : Fuchsia and green watercolor pattern on white/ivory ground, with iridescent sealer.

Black Plaid : Black / red / white plaid twill, which gets a really nifty frosted/sandy texture with its Mod Podge + clear acrylic seal, ooooo.


Decoupage : I'll do them when I have time and suitable materials, and each is one-of-a-kind, so if you see one you like, don't wait!

Pyramid Studs : Silver on silver, with a glossy clear seal. Available on demand.

Silver Velvet : This is actually Spectraflair painted over a textured ground -- which takes away like 95% of the linear holo effect, but ends up looking like panne velvet, oooh, and further embellished with clear glass gems. Available on demand.

Silver Holo : Spectraflair base, plus big silver holo glitter, plus clear glass gems. DAZZLING. Available on demand.

Rainbow Stars : Fun little star confetti, multicolor, with multicolor glitter clear coat. Available on demand. 

NerdLacquer Solid Top : Hand-painted, two coats, with some areas deliberately more or less opaque for lots of dimension, thick clear coat. Available on demand, in any current-production color you like! Kylo (red) and Vinge (purple) are shown -- any shade built similarly to these will work well, i.e. a sheerish jelly base with loaaads of glitter. (Other good picks : Sphericon, Kurzweil, Klein, Cthulhu, Abercrombie, Tsar Bomba, 6EQUJ5, Arecibo, There Are Four Lights, Nazi Punks, Whoa That Is Festive, I Just Do Eyes, Holiday in the Sun, you get the idea.)

NerdLacquer Splotch : Amorphous random blorps of two colors, shown using Hindi and Klein. Available on demand, pick any two current-production shades!

NerdLacquer Mini Blops :Small random blops of three coordinating shades. Shown in Vinge/Penrose/Aglaea and Sphericon/Cthulhu/Kunlun. Available on demand, pick any three current shades!

^ Royal Sequin  ^ Pink Floral  ^ Paisley Satin
^ Black Plaid ^ Decoupage Diamond Weasel ^ Decoupage Antiquity
^ Pyramid Studs  ^ Silver Holo ^ Silver Velvet
^ NerdLacquer Solid (Kylo) ^ Rainbow Stars ^ NerdLacquer Solid (Vinge)
^ NerdLacquer Mini Blops (Vinge, Penrose, Aglaea shown) ^ NerdLacquer Splotch (Hindi/Klein shown) ^ NerdLacquer Mini Blops (Sphericon, Cthulu, Kunlun shown)

 Got questions, or want to make a Very Special Request? Just email!