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It's Not Nail Polish! It's a knit cuff. Call it a woven bracelet, call it a Puff Cuff, or a Wrist Cozy, or a Handless Glove, Yarn Waster, a Ravelation, or An Experiment In Seeing What Materials Can Actually Be Knitted. It's stretchy! It slips right on over your hand! It has no clasps and needs no adjustment! It's jewelry for people who don't actually like jewelry! (Like me!)

But for serious, these are a super fun way to add a little color to your cool-weather ensemble, and a way that doesn't get unpleasantly cold like metal etc, won't snag on your clothes, and (uggghhhh) won't go CLACK CLACK CLACK SCRITCH CLANG SPRACKLE BONK CLACK while you're working/typing. Does that drive you nuts? That drives me fucking nuts

What're they made of? Some of them use only actual yarn. (!) But many/most incorporate interesting non-yarn things I've discovered can be knit, even if it involves a lot of extra time and a lot of tearing up my fingers : satin ribbon, tulle, rick-rack, suede cord, metallic twine, satin cord, and occasionally speaker wire (which looks amazing but is also the reason I have two new calluses on my fingers). Priced according to both material cost and how long they take to make. Each version's description also includes a note of its overall feel -- some are extremely soft/fluffy and more like a chunky loose-knit sweater cuff, and some are much more dense/firm and behave more like a slightly squashy and malleable bangle bracelet. These are mostly about 2.5" wide, with a couple being slightly wider or narrower (you can tell the outliers from the images - they're all posed on the usual Robot Hand Model), and stretch easily enough to fit just about anyone unless you have crazy gigantic hands (hi Lana!).

Don't see one that suits your wardrobe preferences? Email me with color requests! Saw one you loved but then it sold? Email me and I can probably make another one! Need to see larger/higher-resolution pics to make your choice? The system isn't very conducive to that sort of thing, but you can right-click on any of the images below and choose "open image in new tab" from the popup menu -- they'll display at their original size/res. I've also uploaded them to their own little Google Drive library, which you can access by clicking right here : NOT NAIL POLISH

Antique Gold : goldenrod mohair, buff ribbon yarn, gold twine, gold metallic cord. Medium thickness/firmness.


Olive/Pine : olive green felted wool ribbon yarn, pine green mohair, silver/white cotton twine. Very soft/fluffy. 

 Black & Green : forest green satin cord, kelly green picot-edged satin ribbon, black and metallic eyelash, flagged black accent yarn. Very dense/firm.


 Pine & Red/Fuchsia : pine green bamboo, black with metallic teal wrap, green variegated silk blend, red & hot pink tufts and metallic fibers. Very soft/fluffy.


Black/Grey Tufts : black bamboo yarn, fine charcoal merino, black/grey tufted accent yarn with iridescent metallic fibers. Very soft/fluffy.



Black Plum Copper : eggplant mohair, black satin cord, and split plastic-coated copper speaker wire. Very dense/firm (also awesome).


Blue Teal : sea blue merino/silk blend, ombre teal merino, blue-metallic-wrapped black ribbon yarn, azure blue satin ribbon. Medium thickness/firmness.


Plum/Purple Metallic : dusty purple felted wool ribbon yarn, eggplant mohair, charcoal merino blend, silver metallic twine, thistle metallic cord. Quite dense/firm.


Eggplant : dusty purple felted wool ribbon yarn, eggplant mohair, flat gold-wrapped lavender ribbon yarn. Very soft/fluffy.



Tulle/Antique Denim : pale blue tufted tulle accent yarn with black flocked dots, slate blue alpaca blend. Very soft/fluffy.


Eggplant Solid : plum felted wool ribbon yarn, eggplant mohair, royal purple satin ribbon. Medium thickness/firmness.



Sky Blue Tulle : pale blue tufted tulle accent yarn with black flocked dots, sky tulle ribbon, silver metallic twine. Medium density/firmness.


Emerald Silk : gorgeous shaggy fair-trade recycled silk yarn in a blend of greens (mostly bright emerald), forest green satin cord. Soft, fairly dense/firm.



Taupe Metallic : buff ombre sheer ribbon yarn, mocha mohair/silk blend, goldenrod mohair, gold-metallic-wrapped lilac, metallic gold thread. Very soft/fluffy.


Fuchsia & Orange Eyelash : soft fuchsia boucle, orange picot-edged satin ribbon, black eyelash yarn with hot pink and silver metallic wisps. Quite dense/firm.



Taupe Suede : camel suede lace, buff ombre sheer ribbon yarn, silver white cotton twine, metallic silver cord. Slightly narrower, medium density/firmness.


Fuchsia & Red Tufts : hot pink rick-rack, fuchsia textured ribbon yarn, black accent yarn with tufts of red and hot pink with metallic fibers. Quite dense/firm.


Teal Metallic : sea blue mohair/silk blend, black with metallic blue wrap, fizzy teal metallic, accented with  giant shiny black palettes. Very light/soft/fluffy.


Grey/Silver : dove grey brushed suri alpaca, pale grey yarn with silver metallic, lacy silver metallic accent yarn. Very light and fluffy, absurdly soft.


Turquoise Green Suede : bright turquoise suede lace, pine green mohair, anchored with steel D-rings and closed with a blue spruce satin ribbon bow. Quite dense/firm.


Ivory/White with Silver : ivory brushed suri alpaca, silver and white cotton twine, lacy silver metallic accent yarn, accent yarn with tufty white fabric flags. Very soft/fluffy.



Turquoise Ribbon & Tulle : only narrow turquoise satin ribbon and netty turquoise tulle ribbon. SUPER bright, very lightweight, medium density.


Olive/Celadon : olive felted wool ribbon yarn, pale sea green mohair, woven ribbon yarn in citron/celadon/sea green/pine. Quite soft , medium density.



Verdigris : pale sea green mohair, teal merino/silk blend, and clear-plastic-coated copper speaker wire. AMAZE. Very firm/dense. Weird, fabulous.