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Woo, Mini Quad! Find some shades you're not sure about? Need a fun gift, or party favors? The NerdLacquer Mini Quad has you covered, bro. Pick your four favorite shades, or four of the same shade if you're weird, type their names (or recognizable abbreviations thereof) in the field above, and you'll get four adorable Mini Nerds packaged in an equally adorable glossy turquoise gift box. Minis are appx 5ml, so about 1/3 the amount of the "normal" 15ml/.5oz bottles. Enough to test drive a shade that's outside your norm, and definitely a couple of manicures' worth. You can select any shades from the current Nerd lineup in regular production, except for DIY Promethean shades, obviously. (That means NOT colors that're on sale, as I'm not making batches of them at the moment.) Otherwise, sky's the limit! Carbon Allotrope? Yep! Brazen or Liberté? Suuuuure. Glassy AF? You bet. WOO TINY NERDS.

(Worth noting : the text field where you list your shades only accepts a max of 255 characters. That's plenty if you're only ordering one or two quads, but if you're ordering a BUNCH with different colors in all of them, you'll want to add them to your cart in small batches to ensure you have room to list all the shades for each one.) 

(Also worth noting : the brush in these is tiny, the handle is tiny, the whole thing is TINY. I personally find mini bottles a royal pain in the ass to work with, but they *are* handy for trying out new colors. Plus : cuuuuuuuute, OMG SO CUTE.)