NEW DOCTOR WHO TRIO WOO! A fond farewell to Twelve, and an ecstatic jumping-up-and-down welcome to Thirteen. Also, check out the Vintage Nerd Archive! Run out of a favorite discontinued shade? NOW YOU CAN GET A FRESH NEW BOTTLE! Also, custom polishes are now ICONOCLASTS! Design your ideal color from three sets of bases: Overcast, Flesh Gordon, Passport brights. Hooray!  Also, new MOUTHY BROADS are lip balms for the fearless and loud. And don't forget BALMSHELLS: because cuticles can still get grotty even in summer. ALSO, free swatch stick & free Balmshell sample! Just note your color and scent pick in the comments at checkout! ALSO, dork up your Instagram feed with @nerdlacquer. Also, if you're into beauty blogs, go give a test-drive. <3