Hearth Attack
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Hearth Attack

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HEARTH ATTACK is a chunky textured pile of charcoal with a dash of glowing embers. Near-black base with black and glass-bead texture, plus black and gunmetal square and hex glitter, plus red-gold sparks = fireside dramaaaaaa. Shown in its native demi-matte state, and also with glossy top coat, which mostly smooths it out, but if you want an ultra slick and perfectly level surface you'll need two coats of Glassy AF plus quick-dry. 
PS : Do you / did you follow CakeWrecks? I was so close to naming this one "IT A GRILL." In fact that's the label on my own personal bottle, so if this is as hilaaaaarious to you as it is to me, by all means, drop me a note in the Comments box at checkout and yours can also be named after an amusing decade-old icing failure.