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Do you like sparkly lips? Do you hate gloss? Are metallic liquid lip products too blah for your tastes? Then obviously you need ELECTRO FLASH. 


Each ElectroFlash is a sizzling blend of three (or four, or more) color-coordinated sparkles and microglitter. The ingredients (all cosmetic glitters) are selected for maximum dimension and spanglosity, and have little or no actual pigment — meaning no chalkiness. Naturally, they’re named after pioneering scientists in the field of electromagnetism : Coulomb (silver white), Tesla (golden opal), Ampère (peony pink), Faraday (clear sky blue), Gauß (green turquoise), and Volta (violet).

 Coulomb over MUFE Aqua Rouge in 8 Iconic  Tesla over ColourPop UM in Sting Raye and UB in Zuma
 Ampère over ModelsOwn Lix Matte in Raspberry Mojito  Faraday over ColourPop Ultra Matte in Avenue
 Gauss over Barry M Matte Me Up in Embellish  Volta over NYX Liquid Suede in Vintage


It’s SUPER EASY. Just apply your favorite matte liquid lip color, wait a bit until it’s almost (but not quite) dry, and use your finger to pat on your ElectroFlash. Let dry the rest of the way, use a fluffy small brush or your finger to gently dust away loose excess on the surface of your lips, then brush off any fallout, and you’re done! Note that you definitely need to use these with a lip product that dries down and sets — any product that stays moist and creamy will coat your sparkles and gack them up once you press your lips together a few times. 


Yes! I’ve tested these over a number of liquid lip formulas — ColourPop Ultra Matte, MUFE Aqua Rouge, NYX Liquid Velvet, and more — and the wear is pretty much the same as usual. Anything that’s clingy and sets to a matte dry finish should work well! With every liquid matte used for testing, “normal wear” (talking and drinking, not like eating pasta) resulted in the lipstick and Electro Flash coming off the center/inner part of lips … like it always does. But the great thing is that since Electro Flash slightly shortens your drying time (i.e. the time you have to stand around with your mouth open in Silent Scream position while your lipstick sets) and helps obscure any patch lines or ridges from reapplying, it’s easy to touch up! 

Shown left to right over NYX Liquid Suede in "Vintage" : Coulomb, Ampère, Gauss, Faraday, Tesla, Volta.

Shown left to right over ColourPop Ultra Blotted in "Zuma" : Coulomb, Ampère, Gauss, Faraday, Tesla, Volta.

Listen, if you’re wearing matte liquid lipstick, you’re not going to be rubbing your lips together anyway. If you’re comfortable in dry matte liquid lipsticks in general, you should be fine with this too. (If you choose to use it with clear gloss instead? Yeah, it’s gonna feel a little gritty when you rub your lips together.

NOTES ON THE PACKAGING : ElectroFlash colors come in a tiny screw-top jar, much like many loose eyeshadows. These are generally easier to open than tiny metal tins, and they also don’t leak sparkles everywhere, so they’re easy to throw in your bag for touchups. Each jar contains a little over 2 grams of product (roughly half a teaspoon), which is enough for many, mannnny applications.

TIPS FOR APPLICATION : 1) Apply your liquid lip color as quickly as you can, and not too thick. If you’re a slow lip-painter, you can do each lip separately. 2) When product is almost dry but is still a little tacky/sticky, press your fingertip in your ElectroFlash, then gently pat it on your lip. Only pat a few times, then go back for more product — you want to get product on the lip solidly before your lipstick sets. 3) Be sure to check your finger each time you go back for more product, and have a tissue or cotton pad handy to wipe off any lipstick that clings to your finger so that you don’t muddy up your sparkles. 4) When you’ve got your lips fully coated, wait until it’s TOTALLY DRY. Then gently brush the surface of your lips to even out the ElectroFlash and remove any loose sparkles on the surface. 5) Use a firm brush — or better yet, a sticky surface like a strip of tape — to remove any sparkles that fell outside your lipline. 

For touch-ups, just reapply your liquid lipstick to the center of your lips where it’s worn off, not all over, and pat on your ElectroFlash. Since you’re applying it to a much smaller area here and applying much less product, you likely won’t have much (if any) fallout to clean up. But if you’re concerned about this (or actually care that you have sparkles elsewhere on your face), just make sure you’ve also got something to pick ‘em up with — a band-aid, a post-it note, or a piece of masking tape stuck to the back of a compact (yeaaaaah, MacGyver that shiz).

Can you use a brush or a foam-tipped applicator? Sure, if you want. But honestly, a fingertip is best. That’s the easiest way to get your sparkles on quickly before your lipstick sets, and a fingertip is much easier to wipe any errant lipstick smears off of during application.  

Can I use it on nails? ABSOLUTELY. Sprinkle a bit on top of your final color coat pre-top-coat, or dip the whole tip of your nail (or the whole nail period) in the jar, let dry, dust off excess, add top coat.

Can I use it elsewhere on my face? While ElectroFlash doesn’t contain any pigments that aren’t skin-safe, it does contain sparkles that are “not recommended for use around the eyes.” I’m not your mom — if you want to risk it, that’s up to you, but DEFINITELY use a very sticky base made specifically for eye glitter, not just normal eyeshadow primer : Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, e.l.f. Glitter Primer, Too Faced Glitter Glue, or similar.