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CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THEM, so why on earth don't I have them in the shop? Well now I do. Personally, I have no patience with the whole "sit at a well-lit desk to do your nails" thing -- I'm usually on the sofa post-shower with bottles perched on my laptop (or the sofa itself, which is generally a stupendously horrible idea). But these little guys work wonders for preventing spills, and holding your bottle steady while you work.

Large size is shown holding a Standard Nerd (say that in your best Reynholm Denholm voice); these ones have three little "leaves" and are quite flexible so they'll easily accomodate most big polish bottles like Orly, China Glaze, OPI, Seche, and the like. The small size is shown holding a Nailtiques 2 bottle; they only have one slit and are stiffer and tighter, so they're great for stuff like Nailtiques and similar sized bottles or even mini bottles (also my bottle of InstaDri has a permanent home in one of these).